undertale tree of life

my favoret food is tem flaks and lemon and lime and chicken.my name is temmie tem .im a joker.my favoret drink is limeonade top ten of my favoret video games.
    minecraft. fnaf.yandere simulator.can your pet.fnaf 3.fnaf 2.stun zzed.scratch games.fnaf 4. undertale. click here to play undertale.play it now its the best game ever play it it has tEMMIE.

    tEMMIE is love,tEMMIE is life,tEM is best thing ever I have alot of friends.my best friend is chomper.I have a another friend named gem cipher and a cat named dinks.My favoret animal is a fox

    My birth stone is the peidot.hoi tem is awsome.Im 9 years old,my birth day is on agust 25,and if you have a wii u you can be my friend and my nintendo id username is revol605.

    thats my page if you like it plz go to my youtube chanal and supscrabe expesely you mr.davis or else youll be eaten by temmie xD.chanal subscribe plz.